New Mexico Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors

Guidelines for Professional Development Hours

Renewable Energy Video Series for Homeowners


Workshop Programs and Slides (as available)

April 2021
New Mexico Transportation and Construction Conference
Convention Center Floor Map for Sponsors and Vendors

Feb. 22, 2020
On-Farm Water Conservation and Irrigation Efficiency Workshop

Quality Concrete School Program
January 8-9, 2021

July. 27, 2019:
Solar Power for Homeowners Workshop Program and Slides
Energy Usage and Sizing
Sizing and Installation
Living with a PV System- Part 1
Living with a PV System- Part 2
Living with a PV System- Part 3
Living with a PV System- Part 4
Utility Interconnection process
System Warranties
PV Economics, Tax Credits

February. 2, 2019:
On-Farm Water Conservation, Irrigation Efficiency Workshop Program, and Slides

Aquifer Update by Erek Fuchs
Ditch Improvements and Flow Measurement by Zack Libbin and Patrick Lopez
Irrigation Requirements and Timing Basics by Salim Bawazir
NRCS Programs by Adrian Tafoya
Water Ordering Tools by James Narvaez
Water Supply Update by Phil King

January 11-12, 2019:
Quality Concrete School Program